We encourage all young researchers - students and doctoral students, as well as experienced researchers, experts in a given field of science to participate in a conference conducted remotely - online. The conference is organized by the ArchaeGraph Publishing House, which is included in the list of publishers of reviewed scientific monographs of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (1st level).
The online conference is the result of a prevailing epidemic that forces remote exchange of knowledge. We trust that the deliberations conducted in this mode will not differ from the substantive level of meetings of scientists face to face.
The virtual meeting aims to enable presentation of your research or issues of the emerging diploma thesis to a wider audience. Interdisciplinarity undoubtedly affects the broadening of research interests.
Acceptance of scientific, review, case study, etc. etc. from the following scientific disciplines:
- political and administrative sciences
- legal sciences
- The canonic law
The effect of the conference will be a peer-reviewed post-conference publication (20 points / chapter).
Abstracts (approx. 1000 - 2000 characters with spaces) or full presentations (in writing - max. 60 thousand characters with spaces or presentations) + abstract, please send to the address: wydanictwo@archaegraph.pl - as the subject of the message, please enter:
                                           Law10 '
An abstract book will be presented before the conference.
The abstract should contain (in addition to the description of the thesis) the name
name, affiliation and email contact. In addition, please send a photo (it is not obligatory) after qualifying the topic.
- May 4 - June 15 - Receiving proposals for speeches;
- June 16 - 22 - information for speakers on the subject's qualifications;
- June 23-July 10 - receiving ready speeches
The course of the conference:
- The conference website will be available from 10am to 8pm on July 24, 2020.
- Selected speakers will receive the page password.
- The condition of receiving a certificate confirming active participation will be filling out a questionnaire, which is to confirm that all participants have read the materials of other speakers. The survey will be available 7 days after the event.
- Speakers will also get access to a closed Facebook group to supplement the materials and discussions on the speeches.
- Certificates will be sent electronically.
Conference price list:
- Participation in the conference + publication of the chapter - 70 Euro
- Participation in the conference (without publication of the chapter) - 27 Euro
Please send all questions to the following email address: wydawnictwo@archaegraph.pl
We encourage you to review the content of the publisher's website: www.archaegraph.pl

Internarional Law and Policy
of the last decade (10') 
2020 July 24

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